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We will walk you through and customize it to reflect your idea, your dream, and your needs. We will make sure that all factors, be it aesthetical, budgetary or related to materials and structural safety, will be considered and fit well with each other.


Free, user-friendly quotes with work scope are clearly highlighted on attached drawings, supplemented by exact specification of all elements to be fabricated: piece by piece, with exact size and individual price. This way, the client knows what they are paying for and making it easy to add or eliminate elements from the scope at any time with the bottom line in view.

site measurements

Upon approval of the cost estimate, our architects will measure up the existing structures on the site and compare them with the drawings. All differences will be duly addressed and if they warrant price or design change, the client will be consulted.

shop drawings

Each individual piece will be drawn and a set of drawings showing its placement on the building (elevation, etc.) will be prepared and submitted for approval by the client. Drawings will give a clear understanding to our team on how to produce them, to installers on how to install them and to the client on how it all comes together as a final product.


It starts upon shop drawings approval: slabs of stone are cut into individual pieces, brought to desired shape using a plethora of different equipment, then finished and smoothed by hand. They are finally loaded on pallets and delivered to the site.

project support

From the very beginning of the project we ensure constant support to the client and the builder. Construction site is a very dynamic place where all kind of obstacles may appear: we will help you to overcome them. Be it in design, fabrication, transport, installation or inter-trade conflict - there is a solution to every problem and we will find it. If there's a will, there's a way. And will there is.